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Are you looking for internet marketing experts and SEO consultants in Ibadan? We are  among the best Google My Business (GMB) Optimization and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts you would find online in Ibadan. We help businesses to improve their rankings in local search and drive sales.

what you get

Our Google My Business Optimization services would position your business to dominate your local space.

Improve Local SEO

Our Google My Business Services help clients to improve their local SEO, attract and retain clients.

Get more calls

We help business to get more visible, attract customers to call, purchase and visit their physical business premises

More website visits

We help business to improve traffic to their websites using Google My Business tools and techniques.

Get a Google My Business Optimization Expert

Our goal is to help get your business on google for increased visibility and profitability. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still thinking about our SEO, Google My Business, Web Develoment, PPC advertising services or courses. Here are some frequently asked questions.

How much is Google my business?

Google My Business  or Google Business for short is one of the free services from Google.  Just like Youtube, Google Drive and the other Google Applications, Google My Business in the same wise is free. However you would need to pay an SEO consultant to help you unlock more opportunities in Google My Business.

How do i increase sales on Google My Business

Getting more sales on Google My Business is possible if you do it correctly. Thats what we do as SEO experts

How do I optimize SEO for Google my business?

Optimizing SEO for Google my business might pose a bit of challenge to a non-expert. In view of that, it is advisable to contact an SEO Consultant that can take the burden off you. 

How do I optimize my Google Business Profile?

Optimizing your Google Business Profile will require that you have a Business profile registered. Secondly, you’ll be required to follow the prompts that follow which might include; adding specific industry related keywords while setting up your profile. You would need an SEO Expert to help you out with this.

Where do I find Google my Business experts in Ibadan?

GMB Expert provides GMB and SEO services in Ibadan, Lagos, and other states in Nigeria. You can contact us on 07055247562

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